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Our Policy

At CTRL Investments (We, Us or Our), we respect the privacy of our clients and the confidentiality of their data. We comply with the regulations outlined by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. Our Privacy Policy statement details represent the way we manage and protect your personal information. When visiting our website and using our platform and services, you agree to the terms and conditions of the company.

The data we collect

We are legally required to obtain and keep the information you provide through the account application process. Furthermore, we are obliged to hold information on your trading activity, website activity, and cookie policy. We may record your IP address (the unique id of the device from which you are accessing our platform) when you use our platform via our website. We may also record and control any correspondence with you for the purpose of security and quality maintenance. Most of the information we hold is usually obtained through the sign-up process and your agreement to terms and conditions. When you agree to your browser cookie settings, by doing so, you consent to our cookie policy (you can find a detailed description below). We use data:
  • to comply with regulatory and legal requirements
  • to run marketing and administration
  • to provide customer services
  • to monitor content and allocation
These are the reasons we store your data for a certain period of time. We may also share your information with the service providers and agents upon request. However, the third-party organizations using personal information as service providers, are strongly urged by us to recognize the confidentiality of data, and we apply measures to ensure that an individual’s right to privacy is strictly adhered to at all times. We comply with data protection principles, including this policy.

General use of information

CTRL Investments and/or agents acting on our behalf monitor and prevent identity fraud and money laundering, and for these purposes, may share your data with other organizations (including law enforcement agencies) working in the field of fraud prevention and detection. They may use your information to perform control checks and apply safety measures. CTRL Investments and/or agents acting on our behalf may investigate your credit history, thus contacting banks, other financial institutions, or credit reference agencies. According to the information provided, we may contact you by phone, text, or email, for reasons which include but are not limited to margin calls or other information. Upon sign-up, you fill in the form with your personal information and thus consent to our processing of your personal data for the abovementioned purposes. Moreover, you consent to the transfer of your information (the purposes being the same) to the countries and jurisdictions where the quality of data protection may not be comparable to the UK.


Web cookies are small pieces of data sent from the website and stored on your computer by web browser while you are browsing the site. They remember stateful information about the user and track the user’s activity on the website. Most internet websites use cookies. Cookies basically make user’s experience easier and personalized. These are a few cookie functions you should be aware of:
  • identity verification to comply with security policies
  • browser type and its settings identification
  • content adjustment to your preferences by website owners

Cookies policy

Through cookies, we may get some data when you visit our website, use our services, or fill in the forms. This data could be names, email addresses, or your phone number. Technically, this is done by web beacons called clear GIFs or web Bugs. They do not obtain any other information, nor they plug in any codes or code pieces to your web browser. Thus, cookies solely allow us to keep data that improves your user experience. Essential cookies are key to the functioning of our website and trading platform. If these are disabled, you will not be able to trade on the platform, get an education, or access other tools you may need. Marketing cookies are used to offer the content a specific user could be interested in based on their preferences and activities on the website. There are also analytical and behavioral cookies identifying user’s interests, preferences, and behavior patterns. CTRL Investments Ltd. uses cookies to protect the security, reliability, and efficiency of your personal data and trading experience. Thus, you don’t need to enter any personal details each time you go on a platform. Furthermore, cookies allow us to understand if you are a new or a returning customer and display the content accordingly. This also means that all your settings are kept adjusted the way you wanted them the next time you log in on the platform and use your personal account. However, you can delete our cookies anytime you feel like doing it. They could also be disabled in the settings of your web browser. Just keep in mind that whenever you do this, the website functioning will be partially disrupted, and you won’t be able to access some major features of the platform.

Data protection

We take all the necessary precautions to ensure the data you provide us is up-to-date, accurate, and protected. Moreover, we ensure it is kept no longer than it has to be. We store the information in secure computer storage facilities and constantly monitor it to avoid accidental loss, dissemination, or destruction of the data. You can request a copy of the record we possess on your personal data and get any inconsistencies or inaccuracies corrected. In case you need to update any personal info such as name, address, email etc., you have to contact us so we could keep all the necessary adjustments on the record.

Drop us a line

If you have any questions about the information and cookie policy, need to change in your personal details, or offer a feedback to improve the quality of services, do not hesitate to drop us a line: [email protected]